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Exceeding Mininum Standards Yeilds A Better Inspection 
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Pricing starts at $325 and includes inspection of irrigation and landscape lighting systems. Less experienced companies may offer a lower price but what are you forfeiting, especially when deciding the investment of your home. Call to schedule a careful examination of your home 480-580-2725 .

Service 7 days a week to meet your schedule!

Our comprehensive home inspection is designed to provide you the home-buyer an in-depth look at the true condition of the home, saving you hundreds even thousands of dollars before closing. Our prices are based on the age and square footage of the home. 20 Plus Not Required To Inspect components are included for the same competitive price exceeding most AZ home inspectors minimum standard reports.

 NOTE: It is not required to have a re-inspection if a qualified contractor has performed the work, which may also have a limited warranty for craftsmanship. If Probe Specialists is contracted to perform a re-inspection we require the seller/owner to provide a receipt for each re-inspected item so that we can ensure quality repairs have been performed to current industry standards.

State wide service 

Our reputation has been built on thoroughness.

We are looking forward to serving you. We promise to be there for you even after the inspection is complete, to answer any questions and concerns that you may have. 


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