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Arizona Home Inspection Minimum Standards Can Cost Home Buyers

Posted by Probe Specialists on July 12, 2018 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (10)


Most buyers of homes are uninformed as to what home inspectors are required to inspect and what inspectors are not required to inspect. Arizona and National Standards for Home Inspection defines minimum standards, which often cost buyers hundreds even thousands of dollars after closing. Why, because the majority of home inspection companies do not inspect NOT Required items for several reasons:

1. Liability - If a component or system is inspected the inspector owns it! Meaning under the Arizona Board of Technical Registration Board Standards & Rulings the home inspector has assumed responsibility of the component or system if included in their report.

2. Training - It requires additional training outside of the scope of what is presumed as normally inspected under the Standards of Practice For Home Inspection

3. Cost – There is an additional incurred cost in training and additional time required time to perform an inspection on items not being required to inspect. Home inspection companies elect to inspect to minimum standards, especially larger companies due to bottom line profit.

Why PROBE Specialists includes NOT required to inspect items:

To save buyers money before they close on a home. Before I became a home inspector, we incurred over a thousand dollars in repairs on items that were visible. When asking the inspector to include visible discrepancies in the report, the inspector stated, those are not required to inspect item per State & National Home Inspection Standards therefore, they will not be included. After becoming a home inspector I was determined to exceed minimum standards and include the NOT required to inspect items.

Buyer should perform they own research before hiring a home inspector. If you need a comprehensive inspection that will provide you with a better understanding of the true condition of the home, then ask if the inspection will include NOT required to inspect items, if the answer is NO then you should seek to find another inspection company. A home inspection company such as PROBE can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars before closing.

"There are home inspectors and then there are real home inspectors." Doug P

Contractor Installs Windows Improperly

Posted by Probe Specialists on January 23, 2016 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (3)

It was clearly apparent that the contractor definitely did not install 11 out of the 11 windows correctly, and actually removed the old aluminum window frames, altered the window openings, and breaking the water seal. The contractor installed masonry block type windows which are not design for stucco homes. This contractor left exposed wood sheathing and did not rebuild the wall by flashing the window and blending new stucco, paper, and wire with the existing stucco to reinstate the water seal. If planning on updating or remodeling your home, you may want to consult with a home or building inspector to avoid costly mistakes.


Common Myth to A/C Freon Leaks

Posted by Probe Specialists on August 4, 2015 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Common Myth to A/C Freon Leaks

Many homeowners believe that, over time, an air conditioner uses Freon. We just need to tune-up the a/c and top-up the Freon, right? In reality, an air conditioner has a sealed refrigerant system that should never "use up" or run out of Freon. The Freon or refrigerant is only the medium used to transfer heat from the inside of the home to the outside. The only resource that is expended is electricity.


If the Freon is not consumed in the process of cooling your home, then it must be lost only by a leak in the copper tubing. For many years, the air conditioning industry has used copper tubing to harness the pressure of refrigerant and bring comfort to the masses. Copper is soft and abundant, and easy to seal in the field with brazing alloy. If copper is such a good material, why do we see so many Freon leaks? Is this due to poor field connections, poor manufacturing, or is there a third possibility?

A Look for the Root Cause

A number of years ago, an engineering study determine the true cause of leaks within A/C systems. Service technicians noticed that leaks from field or factory connections in the first year are fairly rare. The problem leak develops in older air conditioner, starting in preteen years 4 -7 and continues as the air conditioning system ages. These leaks occur in the copper tubing wall not the connection points or braze joints. The source of these leaks is what the engineers set out to find in their study.


The Real Cause of Freon Leaks


We know that copper tubing develops leaks, but what is causing the Freon leak in the first place? The leaky a/c coils that were studied had microscopic pin holes seemingly drilled throughout the coil tubing and the study revealed that the culprit was formic acid. Formic acid was corroding the copper and drilling these tiny pin holes. But where is the formic acid coming from? Formaldehyde in the home can convert into Formic acid on the a/c coil. It is extremely mild, but over a period of 5 years, it will produce pinholes in copper tubing. We call this process formicary corrosion, and it is the main reason for corrosion of copper tubing. If you have researched indoor air quality, you'll know that formaldehyde is a major pollutant in our homes. An infamous case of severe formaldehyde in the living space was the FEMA trailer provided to Katrina victims. While less severe than a FEMA trailer, most homes have a measurable amount of formaldehyde in the indoor air, and this will always cause formicary corrosion and freon leaks.


The bottom line, deterioration to the coils most often requires replacement of the coil or an investment in a new Air Conditioning System. Often home warranties companies consider deterioration to the coil a preexisting conditions and leaves the home owner at risk.


Beautiful Outdoor Getaway

Posted by Probe Specialists on January 13, 2015 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (2)

Beautiful Outdoor Getaway

Our daughter loves nature; we wanted to surprise her with a trip to Sedona so she could take in the beauty that Oak Creek Canyon, which provides fresh air, crisp mornings, with a touch of snow and all the wonders of nature. For her adventure, I booked our stay at  “The Butterfly Garden Inn”, formerly known as Don Hoel’s Cabins, which had been closed for six years until purchased and restored by Frank and Nicole Garrison. These cute and cozy cabins are nested about 20 minutes from Sedona, just about a mile before the West Fork Trail on Oak Creek.

Our great experience start  as soon as we phoned for reservations, and on arrival, thnings got even better. Each morning Frank wakes up early and will drop off a surprise basket at your front door, you will not hear him so don't worry about not being able to sleep in. Our family has camped all over the US in cozy cabins but nothing comes close to the experience you will have at “The Butterfly Garden Inn”.  We hope you take the time to enjoy a relaxing stay with them.

The Butterfly Garden Inn

9440 North Highway 89A, Sedona AZ 86336

Lodge 928-203-7633 or Toll Free 855-255-TGBI



How to Receive Top Dollar for Your House

Posted by Probe Specialists on September 19, 2014 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (1)

How to Receive Top Dollar for Your House

Do you have clients which are planning to put their house on the market? To help them receive top dollar, a home inspection by Probe Fine Property Inspections can discover common maintenance issues that may need up front repair. Real Estate professionals agree it’s better to get problems taken care of before you have an offer on your home. After a contract and inspection, buyers may ask for a greater price reduction to cover repair costs than is actually needed. Additionally, some types of financing, such as VA or FHA loans, have special requirements. To get loan approval, your home may be required to have good drainage, functional kitchen appliances and home heating, no peeling paint or other items.

Some of the most common maintenance issues inspectors typically find include windows, moisture stains on eaves or soffits, painting, plumbing issues, safety-related problems with the electricity or minor repairs; cracks in concrete sidewalks/driveways. To up your game in selling your home, the professionals at Probe Specialists recommend you consider the following before putting your house on the market:

• Make certain tubs, showers, toilets, are functioning properly and have good drainage

• Hose bibs have functioning anti-siphon valves

• Replace burn out bulbs

• Make sure ceiling fans are operational

• Kitchen appliances need to be in good working order

• Touch up paint inside and out

• Have windows and carpets cleaned, if necessary re-stretch carpet

• Repair concrete lifting of sidewalks which may be considered a tripping hazard

• Repair moisture damaged to fascia boards, eaves, soffits

• Ensure roof and ceiling have been repaired, especially if damaged by hail

Get a HOME INSPECTION by an inspector which exceeds minimum AZ Standards

Even the succession of little things uncovered in an inspection adds up, mentally, to the buyer. It makes them wonder, “Is this going to be a bad or good home?” You may want to make cosmetic changes or small repairs on your own. Other items require a licensed professional. Up your game…contact PROBE SPECIALISTS TODAY to order your home inspection.

PH/TXT: 480.580.2725

Web: luxurypropertyinspections.us


Historic District of Phoenix, Step back in time

Posted by Probe Specialists on April 5, 2014 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (4)

Take a walk back in time, the early 50’s. The era when men were returning from WWII and Rosie the Riveter leaves her job building war machines and becomes a mother and housewife. The historic district of Phoenix, allows you to reminisce of a simpler life, when milk was delivered to your homeand place in the milk box located on the side of the house.

This inspection allowed me to step back to my boyhood, and allowed me to pointed out the many unique features which were standard on homes built in 1950. The bathrooms had polished chrome rectangular boxes mounted beside the sinks. I pointed out to the buyer that these are turnstile toothbrush and cup holders and you should consider reusing them in the remodeling. Even if you don't use them, it brings a touch of the 50’s era back to life, a slice of history worth remembering. Over the next hour or so, I walked with the buyer and pointed out unique features, right down to the stamp steel collar rings used on the exhaust vents. So many items that you want find today.

My client was amazed of the product knowledge I had of homes built in the 50's. She said, JD the man that referred you sure was right about you having knowledge of older homes. I told her, it's only because I grew up working construction alongside of my grandfather, father and uncles. All the knowledge I have of older home was taught to me by my ancestors, tricks of the trade and skills that are lost and forgotten. My ancestors, taught me just how to constructed a well built home, they were craftsman builders and paid attention to details, that's what set them apart from other builders. Take the time to do it right the first time, have pride in building a quality home. My grandpa stated, it’s our family name on that house and don’t you ever forget it. Our reputation as builders is our name and nothing more.

For a quality inspection on a historic home, call me and I'll try my best to provide you with the history and unique features of the home.



Scottsdale, AZ New Home Construction Defects 2014

Posted by Probe Specialists on February 17, 2014 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (2)

Reason why you should consider having a home inspection prior to the 1 year annual walk through provide by your builder.

Luxury home roof is missing valley flashing or modified bitument membrane in North Scottsdale. Waiting to have your 1st year annual inspection with your builder could allow the tar paper to become damaged and caused leaks within the home.