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Arizona Home Inspection Minimum Standards Can Cost Home Buyers

Posted by Probe Specialists on July 12, 2018 at 12:35 AM


Most buyers of homes are uninformed as to what home inspectors are required to inspect and what inspectors are not required to inspect. Arizona and National Standards for Home Inspection defines minimum standards, which often cost buyers hundreds even thousands of dollars after closing. Why, because the majority of home inspection companies do not inspect NOT Required items for several reasons:

1. Liability - If a component or system is inspected the inspector owns it! Meaning under the Arizona Board of Technical Registration Board Standards & Rulings the home inspector has assumed responsibility of the component or system if included in their report.

2. Training - It requires additional training outside of the scope of what is presumed as normally inspected under the Standards of Practice For Home Inspection

3. Cost – There is an additional incurred cost in training and additional time required time to perform an inspection on items not being required to inspect. Home inspection companies elect to inspect to minimum standards, especially larger companies due to bottom line profit.

Why PROBE Specialists includes NOT required to inspect items:

To save buyers money before they close on a home. Before I became a home inspector, we incurred over a thousand dollars in repairs on items that were visible. When asking the inspector to include visible discrepancies in the report, the inspector stated, those are not required to inspect item per State & National Home Inspection Standards therefore, they will not be included. After becoming a home inspector I was determined to exceed minimum standards and include the NOT required to inspect items.

Buyer should perform they own research before hiring a home inspector. If you need a comprehensive inspection that will provide you with a better understanding of the true condition of the home, then ask if the inspection will include NOT required to inspect items, if the answer is NO then you should seek to find another inspection company. A home inspection company such as PROBE can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars before closing.

"There are home inspectors and then there are real home inspectors." Doug P

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